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Stop with the “Impeachment” Thing Already

impeach trump sign protestIf you’re like me, every news headline I read upon awakening makes it more likely I want to stay in bed.  There is no objective and rational person that can be happy with the Trump Administration.  Yes, I know over 80% of Republicans have consistently approved of Trump’s performance since his inauguration.  But I did say “objective and rational.”

Forget about “draining the swamp.”  Donald Trump has created a toxic dump right in the middle of Washington.    Among his achievements so far:

That’s not even including his illegal attempt to ban already-vetted Muslims from entering the country.  He claims all these policy disasters are consistent with the campaign promises he made and on which he was elected.  Well, he also campaigned on the destruction of ISIS by a plan to be developed in 30-days:

We are over 30 days since inauguration and Republican President Trump hasn’t mentioned a single word of his plan being complete and ready for implementation.

Go figure.

So let’s assume that you aren’t a Republican and therefore agree with me that Trump sucks and shouldn’t be elected as a Hall Monitor let alone President.

impeach obamaBut, please, stop talking impeachment.  That’s the surest way to exhaust yourself and, paradoxically, allow a longer time in office for Trump and his allies.  Impeachment only means that the House tells the Senate to put the President on trial.  In fact, 2 Presidents have been impeached:  Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.  In both cases the Senate decided not to remove them from office.

So, impeachment doesn’t mean removal from office.

Especially in the present case.  A 2/3 super-majority vote in the Senate (66 votes) is required to convict and remove the President from office.  The present Senate couldn’t even get a simple majority (51 votes) to defeat the supremely unqualified Betsy DeVos from assuming the Secretary of Education Cabinet position.

impeach bush gwbSo just stop it.  Wishing for impeachment is a super-waste of time and energy.  While it’s true that Trump has created a Superfund site of anti-American values, there won’t be an EPA to oversee its clean-up.  We’ll need another plan.

Besides, Trump isn’t the real problem.  The real problem is the Republicans in Congress.  They, after all, write the laws and know how to play the Washington game.  They also know how to play the public relations game far more effectively than the newbies in the Trump Administration.

They know how to make the Trump chaos palatable to their political base.

However, they are also more vulnerable than Trump.  You have more access to them.  It takes less money to defeat them.  And many are up for re-election in 2018.

Destroy the Republicans in Congress and Trump is left neutered.

impeach reagan buttonAnd it will be necessary to destroy the Republicans.  They are a weaponized political party.  When the Tea Party screamed at Democrats in 2010 about hypothetical  death panels, the Democrats didn’t make protesting illegal.  When the public is screaming at Republicans about actual repeal  of the Affordable Care Act (aka ACA aka Obamacare), suddenly Republicans are tone-policing and making government protest practically illegal.

To make America great again, we will need to remove the present GOP from the nation’s political stage.

So, let’s review:

  1. Trump sucks.
  2. Congressional Republicans suck.
  3. Impeachment nearly impossible.
  4. Republicans vulnerable.

We should therefore focus our attention on someone  from Congress whom we can do something about:  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  He is more vulnerable than he appears.

Ready to go after a domestic enemy?  I’ll be back soon with more.
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Pinocchio watches nose grow after telling lie - Disney

The Current Top 3 Lies in America

Pinocchio watches nose grow after telling lie - Disney

There are two classic signs of lying – pants on fire and nose growing.

[this statement is a lie]
Can it be we just passed the half-way point for 2012?  I’m still writing 2011 on my checks!  Nevertheless, we are now closer to 2013 than we are to 2011, the Mayans notwithstanding.  It seems, therefore, appropriate to take stock in the top lies so far this year.

Top Lie #3:
What they say:  That woman is curvy.
What the reality is: That woman is fat.

I’m a writer and words are my stock in trade. I don’t like to see them abused. Oh, I understand the occasional euphemism, we have plenty of them to describe overweight women — big and beautiful, plus-sized, great personality, pretty face, Rubenesque — when what we really mean is fat.  (And for the men, one occasionally hears husky or stocky though these terms seem to be as dated as the gender-neutral “heavyset”.)  So why do I have a problem with obese women now referring to themselves as “curvy”?

Because curvy used to mean something good!  Men love curves on women: breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States with over $1 billion spent on it in 2011.  That’s Billion with a capital “B” that stands for “Boob”.  But the curves need be concave, ladies, not convex.

Sure, these self-proclaimed “curvy” women tell us Marilyn Monroe was a size  ____ (fill in the blank with anything from 12-16), therefore justifying their word abuse. However, not only has this urban legend about Marilyn’s dress size been debunked, it doesn’t even pass the stuff-your-face-with-chocolate test.  Do people honestly think that in an era where studios forced diet pills on their stars (like Judy Garland), they would allow their bombshells to get chunky? Do people honestly think that a chunky woman would be the first centerfold in Playboy?

Hugh Hefner and his first Playboy cover: Marilyn Monroe

Methinks Hugh Hefner wouldn’t have place Marilyn Monroe on the inaugural cover of his new magazine that targeted men with its message of the “good life” if she were anything less than a perfect embodiment of male fantasies.

Shall we test our new knowledge?  Below are clips from two films.  See if you can determine to which (if any) the word “curvy” applies.

Jayne Mansfield?  Answer: Curvy!

Divine? Answer: Not curvy!
(Although, we must admit that Ms. Divine does have a pretty face and a great personality.  She is, after all, big and beautiful.)

Top Lie #2:
What they say: There’s no difference between the Republicans and the Continue Reading