“You Lie!”

U.S. Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina listens to President Obama's speech after yelling out This paunchy middle-aged man is South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson.

You may remember Joe as the guy who, in 2000, was one of only 7 State Senators who voted to keep the Confederate Flag flying over the State Capitol.  At the time he stated:  “The Southern heritage, the Confederate heritage is very honorable.”

Joe, the South lost.  It backed slavery.  It backed segregation.  It backed Jim Crow.  And South Carolina was the first state to leave the Union.

And, if that history was so “honorable,” you wouldn’t whitewash it.

I suppose I could say “You lie!” but that’s your line.

Remember, Joe?  Remember in 2009, when you shouted that line at President Barack Obama during a Joint Session of Congress?

Here,  I’ll remind you:

I’d be shocked that someone from South Carolina shows so little respect for the Federal Government but, well, see above about South Carolina’s dishonorable role in the Civil War.

But, you did call it as you see it, Joe.  Tonight, you will get to hear Republican President Donald Trump.  In the past, this man has claimed

  • President Barack Obama was not born in the United States (he was)
  • His inauguration drew the largest crowds (it didn’t and it wasn’t even in the few)
  • Millions of illegal immigrants committed voter fraud and voted against him (there’s no evidence of this)
  • He’d “drain the swamp” (he didn’t – instead giving inside White House access to vehement white supremacists and Cabinet posts to wealthy billionaires intent on dismantling national safeguards)
  • He’ll release his taxes if elected (he won’t, and you backed him on this)

The list is a bit longer but since he’s only been in office 5 weeks now, I think it’s safe to say this is a reasonable pattern.

So I hope you listen carefully tonight.  You wanted to make sure Presidents tell the truth during their speeches.  I expect you to do the same tonight and shout “You lie!” whenever it happens.  If Republican President Trump’s speech tonight is like those of the past, you might wake up tomorrow quite hoarse from all your shouting.

In the meantime, kudos for introducing a bill to restrict US funding to the UN organization that monitors and helps prevent Nuclear Weapons Testing.  Because if we haven’t had a nuclear war yet, why spend money to enforce a test ban treaty?  Meanwhile, go right ahead and posture about North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons.

I might call you to thank you for this piece of legislative insight.  Which of your numbers:

  • (803) 642-6416 (SC)
  • (803) 939-0041 (SC)
  • (202) 225-2452 (Washington, DC)

is the best one to reach you?


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