Going Postal

United States Post Office logo

[stamp out tyranny]
Today the United States Postal Service revealed they will no longer deliver letters on Saturdays.  This is a blatant power-grab from a group of individuals that ignores our Constitution and our fundamental rights.

As an American Patriot and Constitutionalist, I am very pro- Article I (Section 8, Clause 7).  Congress should not approve this blatant trampling of the Founders’ intent; these demands by the US Postal Service are a direct infringement on all our God-given, Article I (Section 8, Clause 7) rights.

Oh, sure: you are probably think that Article I (Section 8, Clause 7) doesn’t describe the number of days of delivery.  But do you believe this is where the Postal Service will stop?  First, they come after Saturday letter deliveries.  Next it will be Thursday package delivery, maybe even Tuesday office hours.  After that, what next?  A War on Christmas stamps?

We are just a step away from a full Publisher’s Clearinghouse ban!

Are you going to stand for that?

I’m writing both my Senators and my Congressman today.  So should you.

And I’m also informing these elected representatives that I won’t be fooled by some compromise deal.  Even if Congress votes down this outrageous ban on Saturday delivery, they also better not reduce the size of the magazines that can be delivered.

The Founders put the Post Office clause into the Constitution because they never wanted to deal with another Stamp Act.  It’s time for all true patriots to stay stationery! Fight for Article 1 (Section 8, Clause 7)!


4 thoughts on “Going Postal

  1. Very funny. Gets my forever stamp of approval

  2. Not undermining your outrage, but just FYI, packages and express mail will continue to be delivered on Saturdays, they just will not be delivering letters, bills, bulk mail, ads etc. There are a number of Congressional mandates, including the requirement for USPS to make inordinately huge pension payments, which are contributing to USPS’s massive losses. Since a majority of their costs are involved in delivery of packages, they’ve decided to remove one day of hitting every house in the neighborhood delivering bulk mail, and instead functioning like Fedex or UPS on Saturday, driving only to a smaller group of addresses which have package deliveries, thereby significantly reducing labor and vehicle costs.

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