Mitt Romney and Shooting from the Hip

Thomas Jefferson on the US nickel

Thomas Jefferson – a man often quoted by gun owners – wrote “When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property, and justly liable to the inspection and vigilance of public opinion.” Would Jefferson trust Mitt Romney’s style of campaign?

[trust me]
Ask most gun owners to justify their stance on gun control and they’ll probably cite something like you can’t trust the government and therefore you need guns to defend yourself against potential tyranny from it.

Now consider:

  1. Gov Romney wiped all his administration’s email records after he finished his term as Governor of Massachusetts.
  2. Gov Romney has only released a partial 2010 tax return and plans on releasing his 2011 tax return in October.  No other tax returns will be released.
  3. Gov Romney won’t reveal any specifics about his tax plan.
  4. Gov Romney won’t let a reporter ask about some of the most pressing topics of the day (Rep Akins and abortion) during a private interview.

These issues don’t even include the confusion over what role Gov Romney had at Bain Capital in shipping American jobs offshore, or what he did in his role as a registered lobbyist for the Salt Lake City Olympics while simultaneously running the organization.

You can find the phrase “In God We Trust” on American currency.  But last I checked Mitt Romney isn’t God.  So why are all these anti-gun-control people, who are so suspicious of government, so willing to trust Mitt Romney?


2 thoughts on “Mitt Romney and Shooting from the Hip

  1. Government should work for the people, not control the people. I think the founding fathers knew what they were doing. So let me ask you this…why would anyone trust Obama? Not just anti-gun-control crazies or anti-gun crazies? Anyone…why would anyone trust Obama? I was raised to believe that if I wanted something I had the right to go after it. I never had the promise of obtaining it, but I had the right to try. As long as I didn’t hurt another person in the process, I could try to acheive whatever goals I set for myself. Why is it such a crime to be successful? I will never get that.

    • I asked a question, responding with a different question is not an answer. (Especially a talking point question and nonsensical at that: no one has ever claimed it was a crime to be successful.)

      Back on topic: Gov Romney is running the most secretive campaign in recent memory – and that is before he gets the job. The issue is why would anyone vote for such a secretive man, especially if they are already suspicious of the government? Notice this has nothing to do with voting (or not voting) for Pres Obama. My original questions still stands.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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