We Need to Protect Ourselves

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife for a keychain

This is a 2-1/4 inch Swiss Army knife known as the “Classic”. It’s small enough to get lost among the keys on your keychain. You are not allowed to bring this tool into government buildings because it has a small knife on it with a cutting edge of just over 1 inch.

[happiness is a warm gun]
I have but one question to all the politicians (who, as it happens, are mostly Republican) now saying we need more armed citizens with vigilante attitudes to keep society safe:

Why won’t you let me carry a gun into your office building?

Heck, why won’t you even let me carry a key chain penknife into your office building?

Okay.  I admit it.  I had two questions.  Just wondering how you can feel safe in your building knowing that the average citizen isn’t packing?

Okay.  Three questions.


One thought on “We Need to Protect Ourselves

  1. I think the right to bear arms is more a matter of principal than practicality. Do we really want the Government to disarm us? I don’t. Do I really want criminals to have easy access to firearms? Hell no.

    What’s the answer. I don’t know, but I think the problem lies in the culture of America, not with the availability of Guns to law abiding citizens.

    It also might have something to do with the biggest arms dealer on earth being the US Government…

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