House Toilet Papered

Nuclear Cabbage Night

House Toilet Papered

Though it confuses some non-native speakers, in the English language, tee-peeing has nothing to do with Native Americans or urination. In many parts of the East Coast, it’s simply part of a weapons arsenal for Cabbage Night.

[boom boom boom boom]
There is an odd little tradition in the northern East Coast.  The day before Halloween – or, more accurately, the night – is considered to be a general-free-for-all where one is “allowed” to toilet paper and egg houses… or each other.  It’s called “Mischief Night” in parts of the region, but in my town, we always referred to it as “Cabbage Night”.

I’m assuming that the nomenclature derived from flinging rotten cabbage and not from gastrointestinal abuses on each other.  That would be “Pull-My-Finger Night.”

Now, my parents weren’t from New England and they had no clue about Cabbage Night.  And trying to instill a feeling of law-abidingness in us, they forbid my brother and me to join our friends who went out on Cabbage Night.

Which pretty much guaranteed that our house was going to be targeted.  Ever Continue Reading

Young Steve Jobs

It’s Science, not Psi-ence

Young Steve Jobs

Unlike Eve, Steve didn't get full knowledge when he bit into the apple - because he didn't want it.

[failure is not an option]
Steve Jobs considered the circumstances surrounding his ouster at Apple in 1985 to be his “biggest failure”.  He used this “biggest failure” to spur him back to life, by establishing his new computer company (called NeXT, get it?) and by buying a computer graphics arm of George Lucas’ empire (called Pixar).  Though NeXT ultimately flopped, Pixar did not and that gave Jobs the financial muscle to come back to Apple – well, that and the fact that Apple was down to 90 days operating capital – and the rest, as they say in the hagiographies, is history.

Only it’s not that simple.

Steve Jobs’ actual “biggest failure” was when he accidentally discovered he had pancreatic cancer and then neglected treatment for a critical 9 months.  The discovery was fortuitous, he was being checked for kidney stones… and the type of pancreatic cancer found was the least malignant form.

There was good statistical evidence that with a bit of surgery to remove the malignant tumor, the road to a complete recovery could be paved.

Only thing is that Steve Jobs, the genius marketing guy  (who has been Continue Reading

I “Think Different” – from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs:  The Buddhist who encouraged the most materialism in the world.

Steve Jobs: iCon-man. He was a brilliant face for the brand he created, but he was not an inventor… nor did he encourage much inventing on Apple’s platforms.

[there’s an Apple for that]
Before we get started I have to tell you something.

There is no such person as Santa Claus.

Okay?  I did it.  The second most cruel truth you can expose someone to.

What is the most cruel truth?

Steve Jobs wasn’t a tech prophet, he was only a tech profit.  A Buddhist who convinced large numbers of people to indulge in premium-priced and short-product-life materialism.

Now there is nothing wrong with being a tech profit.  You can make a lot of money that way.  But the media is currently pushing the idea that Steve Jobs wanted everyone to be creative.

Truth is that Jobs was a brilliant marketer.  (Actually, Guy Kawasaki was, but let’s slay just one myth at a time.)  And the main marketing from Apple was that you were a creative savant – if you used an Apple product.  Steve Jobs was Continue Reading