Michele Bachmann: A Ready-Made

[don’t know much about history]
Some blogs just write themselves. This weekend, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann moved the seat of the American Revolutionary War from Massachusetts to New Hampshire:

This wasn’t a simple gaffe in an extemporaneous speech. It was a pre-planned part of her remarks which she also delivered, with the same error, the previous night.

Compare her clip with this gem from the comedy film, ANIMAL HOUSE:

As you may recall from the film, the charismatic but academically-challenged Bluto (played by John Belushi) ended up as a US Senator.

The writers of ANIMAL HOUSE really understood what moved the American public.

As a bonus irony, consider this: the US Senator who used to write comedy for a living, Al Franken, has had a better command of facts during his first term in office.


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