iPhone: Can’t see daylight

iPhone clock can't keep time

What time is it when an elephant sits on your iPhone clock?

[you are the Apple of my iPhone]
Daylight saving time still apparently breaks the iPhone clock according to reports yesterday (when daylight saving time went into effect) and today (for unknown reasons).  This has been an ongoing concern for iPhone users and the good programmers in Cupertino, despite numerous operating system updates, can’t seem to get it right.  Nevertheless, Apple enthusiasts shrug it off, unconcerned that Android and Blackberry phones – or most other electronic timers – don’t seem to have an issue.

Here is a list of the top ten rationalizations we’ve found from Apple enthusiasts on why they don’t worry about the clock bug:

10. It’s AT&T’s fault.

9. The daylight savings time function is there and will work perfectly if you jailbreak your iPhone.

8. There’s a rumor that daylight saving time is a feature coming in iOS5.

7. Daylight saving time is just a structure imposed on us by large evil corporations like Microsoft and Google.

6. My iPhone clock matches the time in Cupertino perfectly.

5. Sure the time is wrong, but it looks gorgeous on an amazing retina display screen.

4. As with Flash, Apple just doesn’t do daylight saving time.

3. Steve Jobs doesn’t think the world is ready for daylight saving time yet.

2. Let’s just get the world to split the difference by 30 minutes with no more time changes in the future.

And the #1 rationalization:

1. Why are you using your cell phone as an alarm clock anyway?

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