The Oscars: Tonight’s Best Bets

[prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future]

I'd like to thank the Academy...

Oscar. The only bald man in Hollywood chased by actresses.

I was going to predict a winner for the Superbowl but the Vegas spread was just too close to be confident about the winner.  This year’s Oscars are a bit different, several of the categories are a practical lock so you can look like a Hollywood big shot fairly simply.  So let’s get right down to it:

1)  Best Animated Feature: TOY STORY 3.  While this is not a major category for the Academy, the pick is so obvious I included it just to make sure Continue Reading


Facebook Personalities: I for an I

Facebook Button

Facebook: Where everybody knows your name...

[ I CELEBRATE myself and sing myself]
Everyone’s been on Facebook.  Well, everyone except my Grandmother.

And only because she’s dead.

Despite the literally hundred of millions of people on this website, it seems that every poster can be classified into just a few personality types.  I count five:

1.  The Narcissist. You know the type.  The girl with 5000 online “friends”.  Legitimately pretty, she shows more skin on her Facebook profile than she would on an evening out to a club.  Leaning into the camera in low-cut nighties… probably taken by a similarly pink panty-clad friend.

Or so we imagine.

She complains the day after Valentine’s Day that Continue Reading